Enhancing the human experience is a big responsibility that comes with both risk and opportunity. Every action and decision can improve someone’s life in tangible and intangible ways. And our leadership humbly takes on that responsibility. We believe in strong, balanced leadership. Both sides of the brain, multiple backgrounds and a variety of disciplines come together with one voice. Our four-person executive committee believes in the principles of creativity, continued learning, deep research, cross-pollination of thought, client satisfaction and a no-nonsense approachability. Together, we believe that enhancing the human experience is a deep responsibility.

Breakthrough ideas emerge from understanding the needs of the people and communities we serve. Delivering design that is informed, purposeful, innovative and compelling means we encourage our people the industry’s top talent to explore new solutions to age-old problems. We reward collaboration and intellectual curiosity striving to leverage design’s ability to elevate the everyday.

Leadership is about influence: the ability to effectively communicate — to sell your ideas and defend your decisions in a manner that affects the decisions of the people around you. Leadership and influence are especially important in situations in which the architect may not have the authority to simply tell people what to do. And even when the architect has that kind of authority, influential leadership can mean the difference between gaining real buy-in and support from colleagues and stakeholders, and settling for their grudging acceptance (or worse). Guess which outcome is likely to produce the best results

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